Restore Old Metal with Powder Coating

Whether it’s an ornamental gate, antique garden furniture or wheels for your car, metalwork is a combination of art, science and craftsmanship. Metal is not only useful for a variety of different industries and projects, but it’s also durable enough to last a lifetime with the right care.

Unfortunately, rust is a concern with metal objects. While it can be removed, rust can ruin the look of your metal piece and leave it susceptible to damage over time.

Rust isn’t a death sentence for your beloved metal pieces, however, since a little TLC and a powder coat are all it takes to restore them to their former glory. Find out more about powder coating restoration and see how it can bring your metal pieces back to life.

What Is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a free-flowing powder that’s completely dry, unlike conventional liquid paint. This coating is applied electrostatically, then cured in heat to form a solid, impermeable layer. Powder coating is often used to coat metal objects, though it can be used for a variety of other applications.

Powder coating is popular for many reasons, but its biggest advantages are its durability, appearance, cost effectiveness and environmental impact.


Metal is strong and durable on its own, but the paint that usually coats it isn’t. Once cured, powder coating forms a protective finish that is much harder than liquid paint, resistant to chips or cracks and will help your metal piece stay beautiful much longer.


When a metal object has paint that’s chipping or peeling, it can really ruin the look of an otherwise attractive piece. Powder coating adds a new surface layer to metal that can be customized to the exact color, gloss or effect that you want, giving it new life.

Cost Effectiveness

Unlike liquid paint, which can drip or run and leave a lot of unused, wasted product, powder coating is an efficient process. It not only results in very little overspray to begin with, but excess powder can be recovered and reused easily to eliminate waste. Powder coating can also be adjusted to the size of the project, so no piece is too big or too small for restoration and refinishing, and it’s much more effective for coating oddly shaped or complex metal designs.

Environmental Impact

As we discussed, powder coating results in little waste, since overspray can be collected and reused easily. This is helpful for the environment on its own, but powder coating is also free of toxic chemicals or hazardous waste that’s often found in liquid paint. As a result, it’s safer for you as well, since it won’t be emitting toxic fumes for years after finishing.

Restore Your Metal Projects With AR Powder Coating

If you have old metal objects you want to restore rather than replace, AR Powder Coating is here for you. We can media blast, repair and powder coat anything from lawn furniture to automotive parts at a fraction of the cost they would be to replace. Contact us today to learn more about powder coating restoration and to see what we can do for you!