DIY vs. Professional Powder Coating

When people need to color and protect a piece of equipment, tool, furniture or art, there are many options available. Many folks go straight for a strong primer, paint and clear coat solution. This is very easy to do right on your own with a few spray cans or some rental equipment. It may not, however, be the best choice to protect and color your object. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages professional powder coating carries over a do-it-yourself solution.

Volatile Organic Compounds

One of the biggest advantages you will receive by choosing a powder coating solution is that your liquid finish (paint and clear coat) may often contain solvents and polluting or toxic chemicals that are known as VOCs, or volatile organic compounds. These chemicals can cause all sorts of respiratory and health problems, sometimes even when dry.

Powder coating, on the other hand, contains no solvents. The number of VOCs released into the surrounding environment with this solution is minimal at best. This means there is no need to make use of expensive pollution control equipment. You protect your own health and you can rest assured that the color applied is in compliance with United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards.

Looks Better, Lasts Longer

Powder coating, quite simply, looks better and lasts longer than liquid solutions. In this process, the color is applied and baked on, which provides a very sturdy and solid protective covering. It is far less likely to chip, nick or scratch than paint, and will maintain a bright and vibrant color for a long time.

Everything from bulldozers to coffee machines and a child’s bed can be powder coated. When you paint, you run the risk of drippings and runs that can be unsightly and hard to correct without starting the process all over. With powder coating, the risk of these finish blemishes is next to none.

Minimal Waste

Powder coating is incredibly clean and environmentally safe. There is almost no waste to speak of, and what waste there is can be easily disposed of. With paint, there is the risk of unsightly overspray that can create blemishes on pavement, walls or floors. With powder coating, the item goes into the process and comes out covered and sturdy with no wasted product; any overspray that exists can be cleaned up, collected and re-used in another application!
Air quality laws and regulations have been exponentially increasing over the past 30 years. As these regulations increase and improve, it gets harder to find DIY solutions that are safe and in compliance with the new laws. Powder coating never has this problem. In fact, the demand for the service is increasing along with the improvements in environmental laws.

This process is efficient, clean, durable and beautiful. It is an economic and safe way to gorgeously color your tools, equipment, furniture and art. If you have a piece that you would like to have powder coated, take a look at our portfolio and then give us a call to get started today.