Powder Coating Compared to Wet Paint

Powder coating is an up and coming process for coloring and protecting everything from baby cribs to farm tractors. This process has been around for decades but is really gaining traction as the best option for any tool, equipment, furniture or artwork you want to decorate and defend. In terms of quality, cost and presentation, powder coating outshines wet paint in just about every way.

What Is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a process for using electrostatic attraction to apply an organic powder to a metal surface. This powder is then baked on, the heat curing the finish to create a hard and smooth skin that is not only attractive but very hard and durable.

With specialized equipment, powder coating is applied using very stable and controlled environmental conditions in a factory. These processes are very safe for the environment and produce minimal waste or overspray.

The Problem with Paint

Painting is a multistage process that can result in anything from the emission of pollutants, unsightly damage and an uneven application. Paints often contain compounds that can cause respiratory problems and can therefore be unsafe to breathe. In addition, there is often spillage or overspray that is unsightly and can damage the surfaces around the object you are painting.

Finally, upon completion of the painting process, many often find the application to have been uneven. Some areas will have a thicker coat than others and there can be overrun that can create unsightly blemishes on the finished product. If the coat is uneven, paint can even chip, crack and scrape away to expose the bare surface to the elements.

Economic Concerns

Powder coating carries significant economic and cost-based benefits. Since it is up to 70% more efficient than paint, and there is significantly less overspray, the product waste is much less than with paint. Even better, should there result any overspray it can be collected and re-used. In addition, powder coating is harder, more durable, and will last much longer. This means you will not need to spend extra money re-applying color later on.

Safety and Environmental Concerns

Powder coating is safer than paint. Since the material is applied in carefully controlled conditions using inert solids, it doesn’t carry many of the health and safety concerns that paint does. There are no solvents or VOCs involved in powder coating, so the damage to the environment is negligible at best. There is no hazardous waste produced and no damage to the ozone layer.

Sturdy and Thick

While powder coating is not indestructible, it is far more durable than paint. It is much less likely to scrape, chip or crack. It can bend and be flexible with the material to which it is applied. The finished product, thus, bears not only a beautiful and even color, but also a protective cover that will defend materials from the elements. It cures within 20 minutes as opposed to paint, which can take up to several days to completely dry. Powder coating can even be used while warm and still remain resistant to damage.

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