What to Look for in a Powder Coating Company

So you have read over our blog and the information on our site, and you have decided that powder coating is the way to go for your next project. You have made the right decision; powder coating is an excellent, durable and beautiful way to coat anything from hand tools to toys to tractors. But you may wonder what you should look for in a quality powder coating company. Here are some tips and pieces of advice to consider.


Experience is paramount in any service. Look for a company that has been in practice for a long time, with a tradition of quality service to customers. The longer a company has been in operation, the more reliable they tend to be. A tradition of service does not emerge from a vacuum. Companies that have been in business for awhile get there by being reliable, dependable and providing excellent results. Look for experience in your powder coating company.


Look for customer reviews and testimonials. It can be tough to decide on a company without personal referrals, and a long list of testimonials and reviews online can fill that role for you. Pay attention to what customers say and look for specifics in reviews. The more information you can glean from reviews, the more you will be able to trust the company.

Check for reviews and ratings with the Better Business Bureau. While not all businesses are members of this organization, a distinct lack of complaints goes a long way towards showing company quality. If there do happen to be complaints, did the company respond to and address them effectively?


How does the company treat you when you call for a quote or information? Are they pleasant and personable? Do they fully answer your questions? Do you get the sense that you are talking to an expert or a customer service representative with a script? The best quality companies will always talk to you with honesty and expertise. They will promptly return phone calls and emails and will completely and thoroughly answer any requests for information.

Trust is all-important when hiring a powder coating company, and personality is a big part of this trust. Make sure that you feel good about the people with whom you will be working and that will go a long way toward bringing about ideal results.


Does the company have a thorough, easy to use website? Does it show off its successful results? Powder coating is a science, an industry and an art. A good company will be able to show off the best of their jobs with an extensive and detailed portfolio. Not only should this portfolio show a lot of jobs, there should be a nice variation in types of work performed. Do they include the full range of options or do they focus only on farm equipment?

Choosing the right powder coating company is an important factor in getting the best quality results for your product. If you need top quality service for your next job, take a look at our online portfolio, and then give us a call for a quote today.