Plascoat Service

Added protection that's beautiful and durable

Plascoat services use thermoplastic powder coatings, specifically PPA 571, to help protect metal in a variety of different situations from the elements. Here’s some information about how using a Plascoat service to protect a variety of structures can help ensure that they stay in top shape regardless of what kind of environment they have to endure.

Plascoat Overview and Benefits

Plascoat uses the exact same equipment as what you would get with a powder coating, however, instead of using a thermoset powder, it’s a thermoplastic powder coating.

Benefits of using a pro Plascoat service include the following:

  • Durable-The Plascoat will create a protective coating for playground equipment, handrails, park furniture or whatever else for decades. It will simply protect against the elements without any extra effort required. A pro service should be able to make it so that coating works all the way down to negative 70 degrees Celsius. The coating will stay in place, and chipping, cracking, or any other kind of breakage will simply not happen throughout the coating’s life as long as it’s added correctly. In general, the coating should last at least 70 years. It could last for centuries indoors, or a lot less depending on where it’s used. Ocean environments or extremely heavy use like in industrial situations will bring it down to just a few years. However, properly applied coating should last for decades and decades under normal park-type scenarios.
  • Works Well with Metal-The coat should affix well to metals like aluminum, iron or steel without a problem as long as it is added by a professional service that knows the right way to do it.
  • Strong Aesthetics-Once structures have been treated properly by pros, they will look pleasing to the eye as well. The coating adds a bright, brand-new type look to the item that will make them appealing to anyone walking by throughout the decades.
  • Safe-Plascoat PPA 571 doesn’t have any BPA, heavy metals, PVC, phthalates, halogens, or generally any harmful chemicals that are often associated with this kind of coating. This means it’s generally completely safe for anyone to sit in, interact with, or generally be around over the long-term.
  • Low-maintenance-Due to the fact that Plascoat is resistant to salt, ocean water, and sunlight, as well as being resistant to physical damage from falls or other impacts and resistant to abrasion from particles across its surface, you don’t tend to need to do a lot of maintenance on the coat at all after it’s professionally applied. There’s also no need for using primer either, which makes everything easier.

Plascoat Service Applications in Outdoor Environments

A Plascoat service can be useful in a nearly infinite number of situations due to how it’s applied and the strength it has to prevent damage from the elements. It’s not exactly going to be uncommon to have a lot of structures that need protection from the elements outside, after all. Just a small number of examples of how the coating could help include:

green powder coated playground equipment

Playground Equipment

Since playground equipment is often just going to be sitting in an outdoor environment, equipment like metal slides, jungle gyms, monkey bars, ladders, stairs or anything else that children play on could really benefit from Plascoat services. By having a professional come out and handle adding this coating, you will be sure that the playground will be safe for children and will stay in top shape against rain, snow or whatever else for decades.

park benches

Park Benches

Thermoplastic powder coating should affix well to park benches with any kind of metal base. These are often right in the middle of parks and will get the brunt of rain and snow, as well as sleet and ice throughout the year. This is why it’s critically important to make sure that benches are coated properly by pros for durability so the elements don’t wear them down over time. This can happen relatively quickly without the right treatment.


Any piping on the outside of buildings can show wear and start to leak if they aren’t protected against the elements by pros adding the right coat to the outside. If they are sealed correctly, they should resist damage and leaks for decades. If not, they could leak at any time and become a problem quickly. Examples of this include water pipes in areas in Seattle that were sealed with Plascoat by pros. You aren’t going to get a better example of resisting rain then water pipes in Seattle, given the precipitation they get there.

powder coated iron forged decorative railing


Hand rails are one of those structures that are critical in just about any public space to make sure people don’t fall and that they have support for if they need a little extra help. A pro service adding this coat to rails will ensure that they don’t get cracks in them or break down, which won’t just make the area look ugly, but it could certainly be physically dangerous for anyone who needs to rely on the rails for walking up and down an incline or stairs.


You should consider using a service to coat any chairs of the right material that need to spend a considerable amount of time outside as well. This is going to include metal chairs that will go with tables that are set outside in parks, for example. It could include any outdoor furniture, just about.

In general, this Plascoat service will be ideal for schools, parks, recreational centers and fields, and any other program or group that needs to maintain and protect structures in their outside environments over the long haul. Cities like Henderson, Las Vegas, or any other city that needs a lot of help preserving benches, playgrounds and other areas in their parks.

For more information about using Plascoat services to protect outdoor items and structures, please make sure that you go ahead and contact us today. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can get started coming out and performing our professional services to make sure that you get the long-term protection that you need.