Our Process

AR Iron LLC, uses state-of-the-art technology to improve our processes and to produce a great product that will exceed your expectations. From pre-treatment to powder coating, our equipment and more, we have the tools and experience to get the job done efficiently and right.


The pre-treatment process is the first step in making sure that your product is handled with the utmost care. This process includes: a DI rinse, degreaser, iron phosphate and a sealer to ensure that the product has been properly prepared going into the blasting process.

With these steps in place, pre-treatment assures that the old rust and paint is safely removed before starting the new coat of powder, and the process of media blasting can begin. This kind of pre-treatment is applied to fences, outdoor furniture, gates and several other items that you might wish to have powder coated.

“A very poor coating can perform with excellent pretreatment, an excellent coating will not perform with bad pretreatment” Ed Besterfeldt Coral Chemicals.

Powder Coating

Our process of powder coating is a great way to apply vibrant color that will not scratch or tear your product in any way. For us, this method is simple. A dry powder is applied electrostatically to your product, which is then baked up to 400 degrees. This is an environmentally safe process, which provides you with a surface that will not run or flake, like traditional paints would.

Powder coating can produce a smooth surface or those with many different textures. Additionally, this method can be applied to various items such as wheels, railings, light fixtures and stoves, just to name a few.

Our Equipment

AR Powder Coating has two different lines – an automated conveyer and a batch system, and we offer an unlimited choice of color options.

The conveyer line parts opening measures 2’x8’x20′ with 8-automated Parker Ionic spray guns and 2-manual Parker Ionic spray guns. The conveyer line operates for large production runs and has a fully automatic, 4-stage pre-treatment system, a gel oven and a dry off & cure oven measuring 28’x26’x30′.

The batch system boasts a Parker Ionic spray booth measuring 12’x12’x35′. Batch pre-treatment consists of a reverse osmosis rinse, degreaser, iron-phosphate sealer as well as media blasting. It has an 18-hopper powder spray system that makes it easy for quick color changes and a rapid oven with 450-degree capabilities.