9 Ways to Customize Your Home with Powder Coated Iron

Home customization is one of the best privileges of home-ownership. Finally, you can make changes that are both personal and permanent. You can put shelves wherever you want. You can remove, add, or reverse doors. You can even build in new cabinetry like custom closets. One thing that many homeowners don’t realize is that you can also change and upgrade the metal fixtures.

From the fences to the faucet to the light fixtures in the ceiling. Powder coating is a fast, clean way to accomplish three goals at once. First, you can pick any color and finish you want. Second, you refinish old fixtures without buying new ones, or refinish older fixtures you bought because they’re aesthetic. Third, powder coating is very strong and can last for decades indoors without cracking, chipping, or even scuffing with heavy use.


Porch Railings and Iron Posts

Porch railings are an essential part of front-yard curb appeal and back-porch safety. They can be made of many materials but good solid iron is always comforting under your hands and against your hips when you lounge on your patio. If you have iron porch railing, or want to, you don’t have to settle for classic black or chromed. With powder coating, you can create a unique appearance for your home with more than a little personality. Choose a vivid color that you love to see every day or the perfect shade to accent your home’s exterior.


Customized Door & Cabinet Handles

Customizing your kitchen and bathroom are all about balancing colors. But what about cabinet handles? If you like the style but want a new color, powder coating can make doorknobs handles, and pulls into splashes of accent color in any design. You can also salvage stylish older handles with damaged finishes. A quick sand-blasting will strip the old coating and you can re-finish custom door and cabinet handles with any color you like.


Unique and Practical Light Fixtures

Most people don’t think about your light fixtures, but what if you could change yours without buying new ones? What if you could buy the perfect light fixture used and refinish it to the ideal color for your house? Light fixtures often suffer from low-quality factory finishes. Powder coating is not only an incredible reinforcement, but you can also finally turn your light fixture into an accent-piece in your home design.


Decorative Iron Fences

If you have a fence around your yard, or want one, powder coating gives you a unique opportunity.  You can be that festive house with a custom-colorful fence. With powder coating, you don’t have to worry about the paint fading or chipping over time. Powder coating outdoors can last anywhere from 8 to 30 years depending on the specific blend and local weather conditions.

You can build a decorative fence to frame your front yard and give your curb-appearance some personality. Or you can create unique fencing designs in your backyard, perhaps around a pool or to create a dog run.


Custom-Finish Your Iron Furniture

Families with iron furniture can completely restore them with powder coating. Old patio furniture, cast iron barstools, and iron-and-glass tables can be sand-blasted, repaired, and refinished with powder coating. Breathe new life into this furniture that still has value by finishing it with a smooth, beautifully colored coating that bonds to the iron.

You can get new patio furniture out of the deal, or custom iron furniture,  and in colors that you just can’t get from manufacturers.


Kitchen Utensils that Match the Design

With a home chef in the house, powder coating has another application. You can custom powder coat the side panels of your oven and dishwasher, your stovetop surface, sink, and backsplash to Powder-coating smaller items like metal pans and utensils can uniquely customize the kitchen. When every utensil and every hanging pan or cullender matches your kitchen’s color scheme, a unique harmony is created. Powder coating gives you the ability to personalize your kitchen in ways no other method can, and quickly in large batches at that.


Iron Flowerbed Trim & Planters

Love to garden? One of the best ways to decorate your backyard or sun room is with growing things. Plant racks, flowerbed trim, and planters made of iron can all be powder-coated to match or create a complementary contrast. You can have custom trim, racks, and planters made or you can buy iron gardening supplies and then powder-coat it to match your exterior design beautifully.


Customize Your Plumbing Fixtures

When talking about powder-coating, it’s important to remember that plumbing is also made of metal, and anything made of metal can be refinished. You can replace old, flaking fixtures with new iron fixtures that are beautifully powder-coated to match your bathroom interior design. You might even discover that some of your old fixtures are iron underneath and can be re-finished to far better durability and appearance. You can use this tactic to subtly personalize your kitchen, bathrooms, utility rooms, and even your exterior faucets.


Color-Coded Home Workshop

Finally, let’s not forget the workshop. Garage workshops, carpentry shops, and even craft workshops often feature a great deal of metal infrastructure. Racks, shelves, and even containers can be customized and all iron tools can be refinished. This is not just good for a durable, clean-looking workshop. You can color-code with this method. Separate your workshop in color-coded sections, powder-coat by purpose, or even mark ownership in a shared workshop.

Powder coating makes it possible to customize anything made of sturdy metal, especially iron. You can restore older items or order custom iron and powder-coat it to perfectly match your home design. Powder coating makes it possible to strengthen your iron fixtures, mix any color you envision, and even choose your finish from gloss to matte.

Ready to start customizing? Our team is adapted to the new conditions and ready to help make your home beautiful with custom iron powder coating. We would love to consult on your home plans and help you choose the right iron powder coating to personalize your home design. Contact us today to find out more!