Different Surfaces that Would Benefit from Media Blasting

At some point in time, your wrought-iron or other decorative furniture, ornaments or fixtures may need cleaned up and grime removed. One of the best, fastest and most effective ways to eliminate everything from stubborn grime to rust from a broad variety of materials is through media blasting. Learn about the different surfaces that can benefit from media blasting, and how a professional service can get your parts bright and clean.

Media Blasting

Media blasting refers to a wide variety of cleaning services that use a gritty material to blow away layers of scale or contaminants from a surface. The materials used range from baking soda to sand to small beads of glass. One of the best things about media blasting is that it is extremely environmentally friendly, leaves almost no waste, and what waste there is can be easily swept up and disposed of, even in some cases re-used.


Cleaning plastic can be very tricky, as the material scratches and damages easily. Chemicals can even melt and distort the shape and surface, leaving a conundrum for many who need to get rid of stubborn layers of grime or paint. Many plastic surfaces are ideal for media blasting, which can remove stubborn grime from the surface while polishing it to a smooth sheen without damaging, scratching or gouging the underlying plastic.

Mechanical Parts

Mechanical parts from aircraft to construction machinery and even automotive parts are often cleaned with abrasive blasting procedures. This process can get grease, oil, dirt, grime and collected contaminants from parts without the need for disassembly or the risk of damage to the delicate inner workings of the parts in question. The media used in the blasting process penetrates cracks, crevices and moving parts and then is blown clean with the pressurized air that circulates it through, leaving your parts clean and working like new.

Handcrafted Iron Fixtures

Wrought and handcrafted iron fixtures, bars, gates, furniture and artwork are absolutely ideal for the blasting process. While custom iron is easy to care for and withstands the elements, eventually it does develop layers of scale and rust which can be tricky to remove with steel wool and elbow grease.

Also, you may have layers of paint that are flaking off and just are not coming away using stripper or other harsh chemicals (which can also be damaging to the environment and unhealthy for you). Blasting technology is perfect to get all of these surface contaminants quickly and efficiently off of your artistic ironwork and prepare it for brand new coloring, coating or care.

If you would like more information about how media and abrasive blasting can help you get your parts clean, we are eager to talk with you. Take some time to check out our blasting services, and get in touch with us for more information or to schedule an appointment today!