4 Unexpected Uses for Media Blasting

Sometimes when you need to clean something—especially metal—steel wool, sandpaper and detergent just won’t do the trick. Rust can get deep into metal and be very hard to remove. Some coloring, paint jobs and the like are just stubborn. Even basic grime and grit that’s gone on too long might not want to come off. This is where media blasting comes into play. You might be astonished at some of the uses for this kind of treatment. Here are five surprising applications for media blasting, and how it can handle just about any metal cleaning job you’ve got.

Media Blasting Applications

There are many benefits to media blasting applications. Among these are the fact that there’s no roughening on or damage to the surface of the object you’re cleaning. The materials used to media blast are soft, and while they’re extremely effective at removing contaminants, they don’t damage the surface you’re cleaning. They are efficient, safe and fast at what they do.


Media blasting is a great way to clean out molds after use. The media used in the blasting will not distort or damage the mold, allowing you to create many pulls from the same piece. This means that your specifications will be protected and that the mold will last much longer than with a harsher method of cleaning like scraping or sanding.

Salvage and Fire Damage

Since media blasting doesn’t damage the surface, more accurate assessments of damage can be taken. Smoke and fire damage can be removed from surfaces, making them usable once more. The process doesn’t use much water, so any water damage from fighting the blaze will not be exacerbated. Finally, there are some media that can even neutralize the odor of smoke and fire!

Cleaning Graffiti

Graffiti is a growing problem whether you live in urban, rural or suburban areas. It can be a nightmare getting paint off of a wall, wrought iron fence or security door. Media blasting is an efficient, clean and safe way to completely clear damage from a tagger or graffiti artist. Your wall, fence or door can look as good as new with neither a sign of the paint nor damage to the surface.

Engine Cleaning

Engine cleaning is a very common use for media blasting. One might think that it would be dangerous due to the particulates used, but the opposite is true, in fact. Media blasting can get engine parts clean and sparkling new, and all the media can be easily flushed away after use, leaving the parts unharmed and without any danger or risk to moving parts.

These four uses for media blasting are more common than you might think! There are many applications for this incredible form of cleaning and polishing metal parts. If you’ve got a wrought-iron or other metal piece that you need to have cleaned, we can help. Read a bit more about media blasting, and give us a call for more information today.