7 Landscaping Features to Powder Coat, Not Paint

The debate between powder coating and painting is far from over, with opposing forces determined to prove the superiority of these products. But despite the ongoing discussion, the proof lies in the pudding. Where powder coating relies on an electrostatic process to provide adhesive finishing qualities, painting relies on numerous coat applications, raising questions about the latter’s durability. Here, we look at the differences between the two and items that should be powder coated and not painted.

Differences Between Powder Coating and Painting

As the name suggests, powder coating is a finishing technique that uses powder in its application. The powder is first sprayed onto the desired item and heated to form a coating through an electrostatic process. The heat allows the powder to cure, allowing it to create a tough like skin that lasts longer. With this, you get a durable and thick coating while also reducing waste as the powder is only applied to your chosen item.

Traditional painting, on the other hand, uses liquid paint that is blasted with pressurized tools such as spray or pump applicants onto desired surfaces. The number of coatings depends on your desired thickness, which can often take two or more rounds.  Unlike powder coating, painting uses a solvent to keep the filler and binder parts in liquid states to allow you to achieve the desired consistency in your finish. After application, the paint rests on top of your surface, with the downside being that it can easily peel away due to exposure to weather elements and tearing.

Overall, powder coating reigns supreme due to its adhesive properties that form a stronger bond to your surface as opposed to painting, which is prone to tearing with time.

Why Is Powder Coating Important for Exterior Applications

Items used for exterior applications are especially sensitive due to their exposure to harsh conditions such as winter and heat; hence require a durable finish for long term use. A powder coating is an ideal option given its resistance to such elements and chemical deterioration, common aspects that occur under UV radiation. Apart from this, powder coating also provides a ton of benefits for exterior fixtures, as listed below.

  • Environmental safety — Items outdoors are not just prone to damage from the weather. The coatings used can also pose a hazard to the environment due to their emissions. Powder coating does not emit any volatile organic compounds to the atmosphere, making it a safe solution for exterior fixtures.
  • Elimination of sagging in finishes — Traditional paints have been known to produce running finishes, mainly when thick coats are applied to extend their durability. It can often ruin the finesse required for exterior finishes, but luckily, powder coats provide you with quality finishes needed for a sleek outdoor touch. A little goes a long way when it comes to powder coating, and with minimal powder application, you can get a thick coat free of sagging and any additional touch-ups.
  • Reduced appearance differences — There is nothing as unfortunate as having your patio furniture having striking differences in their horizontal and vertical coatings. To avoid this common occurrence from paint finishes, adopt an appearance free finish with a powder coat. The electrostatic process used in the finishes melts and sets uniformly, resulting in a smooth drying and coating process.
  • Diverse color finishes — Landscaping is a way to showcase your creativity and love for mixing and matching or even color-coding. With a powder coat, you enjoy this process, due to the availability of different colors and textures of powder materials for the application process. You can also have a unique theme for your outdoor items, making custom finishes.

With the above advantages coming in handy for exterior applications, what items should you powder coat?

Items to Powder Coat for Long Term Protection

Powder coating can be done on a variety of items, but due to the heat used, first, consider the material that you will be working with. The rule of thumb here is to go for materials that can withstand the heat. Some light plastics will, for instance, melt during your powder application process, so it is best to avoid them. But apart from these, you can use materials made from metal, wood, glass and heat-resistant plastics. This, therefore, means you are free to coat items such as:

  1. Patio furniture — Whether you need to spruce up your set of tables and chairs or need a fresh finish for your newly installed parasol, a powder coating will ensure that your furniture lasts though the harshest summers and winters.
  2. Coaches and picnic tables — These can also benefit from a powder coat with customized finishes creating a beautiful outdoor scene.
  3. Barbeque station — Barbeque stations are often one of the most forgotten items in the backyards and only seem to function when the sun is out. To avoid its deterioration, preserve it in tip-top shape by applying a powder finish to lengthen its lifespan.
  4. Light fixtures — These items often do not seem like they need much attention, but you would be surprised how much difference a powder coat makes. Brighten up your lamps and chandeliers with different color finishes for the perfect ambiance and extended use. They might even come in handy in catching your guests’ eyes when hosting your next backyard party.
  5. Metal fixtures — These include doors, handles, hinges and frames. They may be the most hidden components of your backyard, but they can certainly benefit from reduced outdoor damage.
  6. Gates and railings — Gates and railings are other forgotten elements in backyards that can also benefit from a restorative powder coat. By applying a powder finish, you can rest assured that your gates get an updated look that matches the rest of your house and patio furniture.
  7. Garden decorations — Lastly comes the garden decorations inclusive of garden vases, wrought iron benches, bar stools and garden bed frames. A proper powder coat will brighten them up, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor stays more.

Getting a powder coat is a needed upgrade that guarantees elegant finishes that will stand the test of time. You no longer have to endure repainting and imperfections in your furniture coatings. Feel free to contact us today to learn more about powder coating solutions.