Is Powder Coating Bad for the Environment?

Powder coating has numerous benefits, including durability, longevity and protection, but one of its greatest advantages over other finishing processes is its environmental and health safety.

Unlike other solvent-based paint, powder coating doesn’t generate harmful fumes or pollutants. It also has less waste in the overall process, including lower finishing line emissions and less product waste.

So, is powder coating bad for the environment? Read about the powder coating process and find out more about its environmental impact.

Negligible VOCs and No Air Pollution

One of the biggest differences between industrial paint and powder coating is volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are released into the air during the painting process, damaging the ozone layer and contributing to air pollution. For those breathing in the fumes, VOCs can also cause serious health concerns.

While industrial paint has a high concentration of VOCs, powder coating is inert and contains negligible amounts of VOCs, thus carrying no risk of air pollution or adverse health effects. In fact, powder coating particles are even considered safe to breathe, so you don’t have the added waste from running exhaust to eliminate the fumes.

Less Hazardous Waste

Industrial paint produces hazardous waste through retouching and disposal. The chemical composition of paint requires retouches that use solvents, which produce harmful fumes and hazardous waste. Furthermore, the paint that has been removed or discarded requires proper disposal, which is time-consuming and expensive, causing many to dispose of it improperly.

Powder coating doesn’t require special handling or disposal, so it doesn’t have these hazards. Mistakes are often fixed prior to the curing process and without the use of chemicals. Waste can be handled without specialized equipment as well, and it can be discarded in normal trash.


Powder coating involves two stages: coating and curing. The coating is sprayed onto the structure with an electrostatically charged gun. Then, after it adheres, it is cured inside a specialized oven until the coating is fused into the structure.

This process produces less waste to begin with, but if excess powder is created during spraying, it becomes trapped in filters or on the floor. This allows it to be easily collected and reused.

Environmental Compliance

Powder coating is already non-toxic, free of VOCs and inert, so it’s already compliant with environmental protection standards. Because of this, powder coating doesn’t require the same rigorous standards for use, safety and disposal as industrial paint.

Powder coating doesn’t present a spill hazard, so there’s no reason for a special paint booth or separate storage to stay compliant. All that’s necessary for powder coating is equipment that’s up to the established safety standards.

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