How to Get the Best Finish Possible When Powder Coating

Powder coating is a finishing technique that coats metal parts with a dry powder to create a hard, durable, and attractive finish. The process has been used since the early 1800s and was used in the automotive industry during the 1940s. It’s also now being applied to a variety of products including golf clubs, tennis racquets, pipes, wire harnesses, and even furniture.

Powder coating has proven to be very useful in industrial applications because it provides many benefits for machinery that are otherwise difficult or expensive to achieve. Some of these benefits include increased speed, decreased scrap rates (the percent of finished parts that are scrapped), and enhanced paint adhesion.

If you’re looking for a powder coating finish that gives your product an aesthetic touch as well as lasting durability and resistance, AR Powder Coating can help.

What Powers the Decision to Powder Coat?

The decision to powder coat is based on protection and decoration. To begin, the powder coating process may be used instead of painting depending on the desired result and the cost. Protecting and decorating are important aspects of every coating, and powder coating will suffice in both areas. If you need to keep your tools, appliances, personal items, and equipment looking great and make them last longer, a perfect powder coating finish is key.

Varying textures

There are many different textures in the powder coating process that make a difference in the final product. A gloss finish is commonly applied to products like appliances and furniture, while a matte or satin finish can be applied to tools and machinery.

One of the most advantageous features of powder coating is that no two projects need to be the same. There are many textures and finishes to choose from without having to worry about a different formula for every finish or texture.


Powder coating allows for better adhesion than paint, meaning that powder coating holds on to the surface better than other finishes. No matter what finish or texture you choose, powder coating will hold up over time for improved durability and longer life.


There are those times when a perfect finish can’t be applied fast enough to meet a deadline. By using powder coating instead of painting, the project can be completed sooner while still providing the same quality look. Faster turnaround times mean shorter payment periods and less total cost to the client.


Powder coating is safer than painting because there are fewer risks involved with an industrial procedure like powder coating. Fewer health hazards, fewer risks to the workplace, and better indoor air quality are some of the benefits of powder coating.

Many Options for Color

There are hundreds of powder coating colors available for your project, so you’re bound to find something that works with your taste and makes your product stand out. Powder coating is considered a finish, not a paint system. A finish is an aesthetic finish for objects that are not designed to be painted.

The majority of powder coating jobs are done in small batches and as such the powder coatings are often finished as they are applied. There are two techniques:

Darker colors tend to take more time to cure and may not fully cure until some time has elapsed but, subjectively, they generally look better when the curing process is complete, usually between 45 minutes and 24 hours.

Lighter colors can be applied as a pre-coat and are cured at the same time. If this is done, the color tends to cure quicker.


Powder coating is a very durable technique, especially when compared to painting. It can withstand moisture, chemicals, and other environmental factors that would damage a painted surface. By using a powder coating finish, you’re able to assure your client that their product will be protected for years to come.

Powder coatings are typically considered corrosion-resistant, though there are many different types of powder coatings in today’s marketplace and as such, there is no industry standard defining what corrosion resistance means and is tested differently by each manufacturer due to dissimilar ingredients being used in the formulation of each type of coating.

Powder coating provides unmatched durability in comparison to competing finishing processes like painting or plating. It also creates a harder finish than other finishes which reduces the chances of damage to the product.

Environmentally Safe

Powder finishing provides a unique way to use environmentally safe finishes without changing the color or texture of the original material. This finish is used in many areas where a standard paint finish would be impossible due to extreme conditions.

Powder coating can be found in many industries, but it’s most commonly used in industries such as:

  1. Auto – Powder coatings are applied on the inside and outside of vehicles to prevent chipping and fading, especially on cars in direct sun.
  2. Chemical – The powder coating is applied over pipes or equipment that is exposed to harsh chemicals to protect them from corrosion.
  3. Fabrication – The powder coating offers a durable and attractive finish to machinery which helps protect them from chipping over time.
  4. Medical – Powder coating is used on medical equipment to prevent corrosion due to moisture.
  5. Metallurgy – The powder coating is used in areas where there are high levels of dust and corrosive gases, such as inside metalworking machines. Powder coating can also be found on welding torches, turbine blades, and other metalworking tools.

The Process

The powder coating process utilizes more than just the dry powder, there are adhesives that are traditionally used. These adhesives can interact with certain metals; for example, some will corrode stainless steel, aluminum, or titanium. While this does not mean that all powder coatings will react adversely to all metals, it is generally considered a good idea to identify all potential candidates and test them in a laboratory before applying the powder coating.

There are three main factors of corrosion: attack, reaction, and failure. The first two can be addressed directly while the third cannot be prevented but can be managed and/or mitigated with planning and inspection on finished parts.

Let AR Powder Coating Give You the Finish You Need!

Powder coating is one of the most cost-effective finishing processes on the market today. It is also a great option for high-performance, high-wear applications requiring durable finishes that are water and chemical resistant. Powder coating provides an unmatched level of durability and quality, making it a great choice for all of your metal finishing needs.

Whether you’re looking to protect your outdoor furniture from the elements or you want to create a sleek, modern feel for your interior design, powder coating is the answer. Powder coating is perfect for those who are looking for a quick and temporary solution to their needs, as well as those who want to keep things looking fresh. Plus, it gives a nice matte finish that will make your home or office stand out. If you’re wondering where to find the best powder coating finish at an affordable price, contact us today for an all-inclusive powder coating solution.