How to Get the Best Finish Possible When Powder Coating

Powder coating is a method of finishing your metal products to make them more durable and attractive. Using heat and static electricity, powder coating creates a smooth layer that is both pleasing to the eye and resists different forms of damage like corrosion.

If you’re interested in getting the most out of the powder coating process, then it’s important that you follow a few easy steps that will create the high-quality finish that you need and deserve. Here are a few tips to help you create an excellent powder coating finish that both you and your customers will be sure to appreciate.

Take Your Product Apart

One of the most important things that you can do is to disassemble your product. Taking your product apart will ensure that every piece is coated evenly, creating the attractive uniform layer for which the powder coating process was designed. Disassembling your items will also allow you to remove any pieces that are likely to melt during the curing process, including rubber or plastic items.

Fully Clean Your Products

If you want to create the smoothest, most attractive powder coating layer possible, then it’s crucial that you clean your product before the process begins. Any blemishes on your product can affect the integrity of the powder coat, reducing the effectiveness of the finish.

First, you need to clean any dirt or grease that is on the surface of the product you intend for powder coating. Virtually any commercial degreaser should do the trick, but you should make sure that it’s safe for metal. Second, you need to use a paint remover to strip any existing paint on your product. Finally, you should sandblast your product to make sure that the surface is consistent and that the powder will adhere correctly.

After you’ve performed these tasks, you should clean your product with acetone and then hang it so that it will be ready to receive the powder coating.

Choosing and Applying Your Coating

Once you’ve completed the necessary preparatory steps, you can get started on the coating process. Before the powder can be applied to your product, you will need to use a base coat. Select a primer that is designed specifically for you’re the type of metal used in your product, and then apply the primer.

With the primer applied, you can choose your top coat. The benefit of powder coating is that it can create a top coat in a variety of styles, including different colors and textures. Think about the top coat that will work best on your product so that you can create your perfect finish.

Create Your Powder Coating Finish

If you make sure to follow these steps, you can create a powder coating finish that will make your product look great while increasing its durability. To get help creating your powder coating finish, you should be sure to work with the professionals at AR Powder Coating.

AR Powder Coating offers all the services you need to get the most out of powder coating, and we can help you make your products look better than ever before. Contact us today!