Are All Powders the Same?

Two categories of powder coating materials include thermoset and thermoplastics.

There are different chemistries of powder coatings available. These include Epoxy’s, Hybrid, Urethane, Polyester and TGIC Polyesters. Each chemistry serves a different purpose. For instance:

Epoxy coatings offer higher mechanical strength and corrosion resistance. However epoxy coatings must have a topcoat applied as epoxies are not resistant to UV light and can be limited in gloss retention when exposed to sunlight.

Hybrid coatings are an epoxy-modified polyester that has good over bake and application properties such as impact resistance and hardness.

Urethane coatings have excellent uv exposure resistance, excellent impact flexibility and hardness.

Polyester coatings have four excellent properties that include chemical resistance, uv exposure, impact and flexibility resistance and hardness.