Worried About Opening Your Door to Strangers? Get a New Iron Security Door or Entryway.

Right now, your home is the most important place in the world. This is true for each individual family maintaining a safe distance from each other in order to quash the spread of the coronavirus. Despite the virulent spread, social isolation is working. Oregon recently sent a shipment of masks to New York, because their cases are down from everyone staying home.

But that also means it is each family’s duty to maintain the security of their home. If someone, intentionally or unintentionally, brings the virus onto your property, this only helps the virus spread and puts people at risk. In order to maintain your isolation and stop COVID-19 in its tracks, it’s essential that each of us defend the bio-environmental security of our homes.


Security Through Distance and No-Contact Services

The best way to keep your family safe is to maintain a 6+ foot distance between family members and anyone outside your household-unit.  While you already share an illness and immunity bubble with your family members (or roommates), mixing households is what allows the virus to spread.

What’s amazing is how communities are finding ways to work together to stay apart, often using home architecture as the key. Porches make it possible to safely leave deliveries and even fresh groceries for a no-contact supply run. Neighbors are using fences and adjacent rooftops to spend time together without mixing germs. Businesses are also adapting and offering a greater variety of no-contact versions of their services. From grocery shopping to home improvements are being achieved with new social-distance security measures in mind.

You can enjoy your home’s yard and even remain friendly with those around you as long as distance is maintained. That is why security doors are becoming a popular security item that is safe to install in no-contact conditions. A  decoratively cut iron security door can be attractive and improve the value of a home while also helping to enforce a safe social distance from visitors.


Security-Door Social Distancing

The way you build a security door determines how much space is between the front door and your visitors. While many security doors are built right over the front door, you can also set them further back to create a comfortable distance between the front door and visitors who come by. A security door set a few feet out from the front door creates a mini-porch area that can be welcomingly decorated. A security door of this sort creates a corridor between families opening their front door and anyone who rings the bell. When you open the home’s front door, the visitor will be standing as far back as you place the security door.

In other words, a security door is an elegant way to provide social-distancing, even if need to meet visitors or accept deliveries face-to-face. A security door politely asks your visitors to stand back a few paces without you having to sound rude or frightened. In fact, with a natural distance, you can afford to be friendlier and more welcoming while maintaining a virus-safe distance.


Feel Safe Opening Your Door to Strangers

One of the biggest worries right now for families at home is a stranger coming to call. Whether it’s someone with a package or a friendly neighbor holding beers, the normal front-door distance just isn’t safe. In order to defeat the virus spread, we have to assume that everyone is potentially infected and just not showing symptoms. Suddenly, answering the door becomes a risk for getting sick any time the bell rings or someone knocks.

No one wants to live like that, and we know it’s better to greet visitors even if you can’t shake their hand. By creating architectural space between your front door and where visitors naturally stand, you can open your door without worrying that corona is waiting immediately on the other side. With this kind of physical safety against infection, you actually have greater freedom to express your hospitality and gratitude than if you were required to hide indoors while visitors came and went.

With a properly distanced security door, you can feel safe opening your door to strangers and never have to feel impolite by asking them to step back.


Security Door and Entryway Customization

The next thing to consider is how you want your entryway to look and function. A security door with a safe distance from the front door will naturally create an entryway that deserves to become an attractive part of your front porch. In many ways, the security door will replace your front door as the primary curb-facing entry which often inspires homeowners to customize.

When we say security door, we don’t just mean a door made of iron. Custom water-jet cut iron security doors are works of art. Some security doors look like filigree bars. Some are custom-cut from slabs. Most security doors function more like iron gates, in that they can be seen through so that you can meet visitors face-to-face through the gate.

This gives you a wonderful opportunity to customize. From your family name or symbol to a design you simply think is beautiful, we can cut any custom iron security door and craft it into a personalized secure entryway for your home.


Powder Coating Custom Door Colors

Many people believe that security doors can only be black or gray-silver.  In truth, powder coating provides you with a vivid and diverse selection of colors in an indestructible finish. Whether you choose a favorite design from the catalog or give us a custom design to cut for you, you can always personalize with powder coating.

Families often delight in being able to pick their favorite color or the perfect home accent color for the front-and-center security door. We can powder coat any size door along with any metal fence that is built with it to create a complete custom entryway.


Improving Your Home’s COVID Security and Increasing Home Value

If you are considering investing in a security door to keep your family safe from sick visitors, we are here to help. A security door is a practical choice because it serves multiple positive purposes. A well-built security door and entryway provides safety to the family from intruders and, in the age of coronavirus, safety from the breath of visiting strangers as well. A security door is also a good investment for your future home resale value, as homes with security doors appeal to many families for exactly the same reasons.


No-Contact Security Door Installation

Finally, the best thing about a security door for COVID safety is that no-contact installation is a breeze. Your installation technicians don’t have to enter your home or even your backyard to install your custom iron door and entryway.

Here at AR Iron and Powder Coating, we are dedicated to providing the best quality doors, finishes, and installation to our surrounding community. In the midst of the pandemic, we are striving to provide security and safe, respectful service.

We’re currently offering a security package that can ensure that you have more coverage across your home. Even if you have window alarms, video cameras, and more, you can never be too safe when it comes to your home.

ar iron security package

All of the iron is powder-coated to enhance the aesthetics while also helping against rust and corrosion. It will look beautiful and last throughout the cold winters and hot summers of Las Vegas, year after year.

The turnaround to install the package is three to five days. The sooner you order, the sooner we can begin the install. It will make it easier for you to move forward during the pandemic with a greater level of confidence. Securing your home should be a top priority, and our competitively priced package is only available for a limited time.

*This offer is for a limited time offer and cannot be combined with other offers. The offer expires on April 30, 2020.