Third-Party Powder Coating: What’s the ROI of Adding Third-Party Powder Coating to Your Production Services?

Powder coating is one of the most important components of a manufacturing company’s productivity. The quality of your product has to be top-notch, and you have to ensure the end product is durable and attractive. Using the right finishing solution is the best way to do this, and powder coating is among the best.

What happens when you need custom powder coating services? Your two best options are doing it in-house or hiring a third party powder coating company. You will, however, need to have the industry knowledge & expertise and consider shipping logistics, which is where third-party services come into play.

What ROI can manufacturers expect from adding optional or default powder coating to their products? Here’s a detailed analysis of the benefits of hiring a powder coating company for your products.

1.  Cost Saving Benefits

How feasible is it to do the powder coating yourself instead of hiring a third party? Cost is admittedly one of the most important determining factors of production, and manufacturing companies are always looking for ways to reduce their operational costs. While conducting the finishing process gives you control over the end product, it also costs the company more.

Do you have the advanced capabilities and facilities needed for powder coating? Will you have to increase your hiring budget to hire operators? Have you thought about the utilities needed for powder coating?

Working with third party powder coating services saves you a ton since they already have the facilities needed to get the job done. This also makes it more ideal when you have seasonal products because you don’t have to build facilities that meet the manufacturing requirements.

2.  Guaranteed Durability

As you choose a finishing method for your products, one of the factors you look at is durability. Well, with powder coating, you hit the jackpot because it can last for many years!

As the powder coat is applied, it forms an extremely durable layer that protects your products from various types of damage. The curing process, in particular, causes the powder to melt, forming long chemical chains that give out the damage resistant properties. This also adds a level of flexibility that allows for minimal bending as the products vibrate in transit. For example, if you deal with metal producers, powder coating will protect them from corrosion, flaking, scratching, and color fading due to sun damage.

Powder coating is a delicate process that needs to be done by industry professionals. One wrong move and your products could incur significant damage during shipping, which will end up costing you more. A powder coating company reduces these risks significantly and ensures your products get to customers in perfect condition.

3.  Compliance with Environmental Regulations

The law requires manufacturing companies to abide by environmental regulations, and the finishing you choose is a huge part of this compliance. This means that your product’s finishing should be environmentally friendly and free of harmful chemicals and solvents.

Powder Coating fits the bill! It is recognized as being safe for use and disposal and doesn’t release any known hazardous chemicals into the atmosphere.

However, despite it being safer than other traditional methods, you will also have to provide protective gear for your employees to prevent accidental inhalation and skin contact. You will also have to get the necessary government certifications and pass inspections, which could be expensive. A third party powder coating company takes this off your hands, reducing your expense and ensuring the end product is environmentally friendly.

4.  Development and Manufacturing Capabilities

In-house powder coating will require your company to build a facility with full manufacturing and developmental capabilities. You will also incur extra costs to conduct lab tests, product research, and pilot testing for your products.

This is uneconomical, especially when your products are in the development stages or you’re constantly adding your products portfolio.

Even though powder coating companies vary when it comes to areas of expertise and technical capabilities, they often have all the facilities needed to get the job done. They also have industry experience with coating applications, products, and processes.

Make sure you choose a company that will help you across various manufacturing processes, including material selection and product design. You should also pay special attention to their resources, including production capability, number of employees, and equipment.

5.  Quality Assurance and Compliance

Your end products highly determine how customers perceive your brand. If your products are damaged during shipping, they will have to be shipped back for proper coating, incurring you extra cost, and your consumers will likely start doubting the quality of your products.

Powder coating requires high standards of quality assurance and compliance. You have to make sure the process is done right, and that product quality remains uncompromised.

Go for a coating company that is fully compliant with environmental and safety regulations and guarantees quality, don’t be afraid to check into their hiring process to confirm that they have set procedures that guarantee consistency and quality.

6.  Ease of Customization

What happens when you manufacture different products with varying specifications? Will your organization be in a position to cater to customization?

Powder coating may be affordable, but the equipment needed is often pricey. In-house powder coating means that you will have to buy varying equipment to cater to your different product needs.

Hiring a powder coating company allows you the flexibility to test out different colors and designs for your products without breaking the bank. It allows you to customize your products to suit your brand.

Find the Right Company for the Job

Powder coating is undoubtedly one of the best finishing materials. It is durable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.

While doing powder coating on your premises seems like the best idea, it is often expensive and can compromise the quality of your products when done incorrectly. It is also more feasible to get the finished product closer to its end use, rather than taking the risk of having the product’s coatings damaged during shipping.

Hire a third party powder coating company that will get the job right!