Profitable Renovation Techniques for Apartments using Powder Coating

Every apartment building that stays competitive in the rental market goes through waves of renovations. This is only natural. Materials get old and styles change through the decades. What attracts tenants and makes them happy changes with each stylistic era. Once, it was shag rugs and half-basements. Now it’s futuristic open spaces and entertainer kitchens.

As an apartment owner or manager, it’s your job to know when things have worn out, when styles have changed, and make the most cost-effective decision to achieve satisfying upgrades. While you will eventually renovate again, these upgrades need to be sturdy and long-lasting as well as beautiful because they need to last under steady tenant use. This is exactly why powder coating is becoming a high-tech and eco-friendly favorite for apartment renovation projects.

Powder Coating for Apartment Renovations

Powder coating restores metal with a sanding and vivid refinishing process that can fully bring old fixtures and furniture back to their former glory. For utilitarian things like faucets, light fixtures, and safety railings that often far outlast their own factory finishes, powder coating can save you the expense of actually replacing the metal features of your apartment buildings. In fact, because you have a far wider selection of colors and long-lasting finishes than are offered by factories, you can actually create a much more beauitful and vividly designed interior that looks better than the fixtures and features did brand new. Some apartment owners are even choosing to powder coat new items to achieve the interior design color scheme they really want.

Today, we’re here to share eight different ways you can use powder coating to save expenses and boost the profitability of your next apartment building renovation.


Update Kitchen Fixtures

Nothing dates a kitchen like the fixtures. The wrong finish on a faucet or old chipping finish can reveal that your units are much older than they appear. Every so often, a savvy apartment owner will renovate the unit kitchens to help the whole community keep up with the times. But rather than buying all-new kitchen fixtures, powder coating allows you to reinvent the look without investing in replacement parts.

With powder coating, you can pick the latest popular metal finish or even give your tenants a trendy vividly colored kitchen with a bright red or deep green faucet that is complimented perfectly by the backsplash.


Renovate Bathroom Fixtures

Bathrooms also need regular renovation, and a new finish on the fixtures can really put a shine on the way your bathrooms appeal to tenants. Each unit bathroom needs to cry out “Luxury” with subtly and elegance. A new finish with powder coating can help you accomplish that, whether you’re looking for a playful artistic bathroom or a sleek black-and-white theme.


Customize Apartment Light Fixtures

Don’t forget the light fixtures. Often, when we talk about refinishing fixtures, everyone thinks plumbing. But your metal light fixtures are just as excellent of candidates to be refinished and completely reinvented with a coat of powder coating. How would you like to have vividly colored light fixtures, or transition from old-fashioned chroming to a new dark matte finish that makes the whole place look more refined? Powder coating can do that and much more. You can even have each spoke of a chandelier coated in a different color or metallic tint.


Door Knobs and Hardware

Another often-overlooked way to improve the overall feel of each apartment is to upgrade the door hardware. While you may change the front door locks on a regular basis, the interior door hardware is a different story. The color of a doorknob and the matching color of the latch have an interesting effect when combined with coordinated interior design.

You can easily decide what color of doorknob, latches, peepholes, and security bolts to give your tenants by bringing them in for custom powder coating. And, as we mentioned, you can even escape the ‘standard’ manufacture colors to give your tenants a truly unique home with custom door hardware colors and finishes.


Reinvent the Patio Furniture

If your building provides sturdy metal patio furniture for each balcony or private deck, you’re in luck! Patio furniture is a prime candidate for powder coating and, often, powder coating is much stronger and longer-lasting than the finish applied in the factory. If you want to make your provided patio furniture much more attractive, coordinated, and less likely to rust or flake, bring them in for powder coating.

Consider choosing your own elegant colors for each patio set, or even a lovely contrasting palette that tenants couldn’t find replicated in any furniture store.


Balcony and Staircase Railings, Safety Rails, and Grab Bars

In fact, you can even update your emplaced metal features. The railings on your outdoor balconies don’t have to go through the constant cycle of being painted, flaking, and rusting over and over again. Just like your fences, you can powder coat balcony railings in beautiful and vivid colors that will show off the exterior of your building.

Likewise, you can powder coat the safety railings and grab bars throughout the building, color-coordinating them with your new color palette of design. With this kind of control, you can add a splash of color everywhere in the building or perfectly match every piece of metal to the exact same finish and hue.


Fixtures and Furniture in Shared Spaces

Deck chairs, patio umbrellas, picnic tables, and pool railings are all also fair game for powder coating. If you’ve been wanting to change the color or reapply the finish on any of these apartment features, now is the perfect time. Powder coating can be used on any metal item meaning that the features of your shared spaces and apartment amenities can also be reinvented with new colors and durable finishes for indoor and outdoor decor.


Historical Metal, Sculptures, and Artwork

Finally, we come to artistic items. If you have metal statues, historical metal fixtures, or other types of meta artwork around your apartment building, then powder coating could be exactly what you’re looking for. Powder coating can enhance the beauty of metal artwork while also sealing it to preserve the piece for many years. Even if your metal is located outside in the rust-causing NYC humidity. Bring in your metal artwork and historical metal fixtures for restoration.


Is your apartment building due for a renovation or have you been thinking about a redesign to make the place more appealing to modern tenants? Before you replace those light fixtures, kitchen metalwork, railings, and heavy patio furniture, consider powder coating as a far superior option. Why buy new when new items won’t give you the same control over vivid color and finish that simply restoring your old features can do? To find out more about how powder coating services can make your apartment more attractive, profitable, and sturdy all at the same time, contact us today! We’re always happy to work with apartment owners and managers to talk about your building needs and your design vision.