Powder Coating vs. Liquid Painting

When you need to finish your metal products, there are several options that you could choose. However, the two most popular solutions are powder coating and liquid painting. With these methods of finishing your products, you can create an attractive layer that should provide additional protection.

While powder coating and liquid painting are similar in several ways, there are some major differences that you should consider before choosing the right finishing option for your products. Here are a few facts to help you decide between powder coating vs. liquid painting so that you can choose the best finish possible for your products.

Application Method

At first glance, the application methods for powder coating and liquid paint appear very similar. However, with a closer look, you will see that they’re actually very different and that one application solution is more effective than the other.

Generally, a spray gun will be used to apply both powder coating and liquid paint. While the spray gun used for liquid paint will direct liquid droplets towards the surface of your product, the powder coating spray gun charges the powder with static electricity, which allows it to firmly attach to the metal surface and eliminates the risk of running and streaking that’s common with liquid paint.


Many manufacturers are interested in creating a textured finish for their products so that they will be more attractive. Although you can create a textured layer using liquid paint, it’s much easier when using powder coating.

When you apply a thin powder coat, the final layer will have much more texture than a thin layer of paint, and a thick powder coat layer will be naturally smooth. You can even use powder coating to create a glossy finish. If you’re interested in creating a textured layer for your products, the obvious choice is powder coating.

Which Finish Performs Better?

When trying to decide between powder coating vs. liquid painting, the most important factor to consider is how well these finishes perform. Namely, you need to find out which option will best protect your products and help them last as long as possible.

In virtually every performance category, powder coating wins the day. For instance, when added to metal product, powder coating provides superior protection from corrosion than liquid paint. Powder coating is also much more resistant to scratching and chipping. Finally, powder coating helps prevent color fading, meaning that your products will stay looking like new. Manufacturers that want the most effective solution for protecting their products should select powder coating.

Pick Powder Coating

After learning all the facts about powder coating vs. liquid painting, the better option in terms of easy application, creating textures and long-term durability is powder coating. If you’re ready to take advantage of the many benefits of powder coating, then you can schedule service from the team at AR Powder Coating.

We are your best resource for powder coating your important products, and our professionals can walk you through the powder coating process from start to finish. Whatever types of products your business manufactures, they can benefit from powder coating. Contact AR Powder Coating to learn about our powder coating services.