How Powder Coating Can Restore Old Metal Objects

Metal, while extremely durable, can suffer a great deal of wear and tear over time, reducing its appearance and functionality. If you have a valuable metal object that’s lost some of its luster, then you might be looking for a restoration solution. If so, then you need to learn about powder coating.

Powder coating is one of the most useful options for restoring metal objects in existence, adding a new surface layer that both improves appearance and durability. Learn how you can quickly and effectively restore metal objects with powder coating, and discover a few uses of this restoration solution.

Boost Appearance

One of the major reasons that metal objects lose their attractiveness is because of faded or chipped paint. The primary way that powder coating can restore metal objects is by adding a new surface layer that is both attractive and functional.

With powder coating, you can choose from a variety of color and gloss options, restoring the appearance of your metal objects. Also, unlike liquid paint, powder coating doesn’t chip or fade over time. This means that once you apply powder coating to your metal object, it will stay looking its best for years to come.

Prevent Running, Increase Durability

When attempting to restore a metal object, many people choose liquid paint. However, liquid paint is a poor solution for metal objects for a variety of reasons. First, liquid paint runs very easily, resulting in an uneven surface layer. Second, liquid paint is very vulnerable to the environment, meaning you may have another restoration project in your near future.

Powder coating has none of these drawbacks. The powder used in the powder coating process is applied with static electricity and is then baked, causing it to melt in place. This results in a smooth surface layer you won’t find with liquid paint. Additionally, powder coating is resistant to moisture, allowing it to prevent future rusting or corrosion. When you choose powder coating as your restoration method, you’ll be able to preserve your metal object better over time.

Where Can Powder Coating Be Used

Now that you know a little more about how powder coating can restore metal objects, it’s a good idea to learn why types of equipment can be restored. While powder coating is primarily used in commercial and industrial applications, it can be applied to virtually any metal object you desire. For example, if your metal outdoor furniture is old and worn, it can be restored with powder coating so that you don’t have to spend money on a new set.

Other metal objects that can be restored with powder coating include car rims, sports equipment and even some home appliances.

Restore Metal Objects with Powder Coating

Powder coating is the ideal solution for restoring your metal objects. Not only can powder coating renew the appearance of your metal objects, it can also improve their durability, helping them to last much longer than with other coating methods. Restore metal objects with powder coating today by scheduling service from AR Powder Coating.

AR Powder Coating can help you restore your metal objects quickly and easily. In addition to powder coating, we offer media blasting services that can be used as part of the restoration process. Learn more about our services today and find out if powder coating is the right choice for you.