How to Improve Rental Property Security and Appearance with Powder-Coated Fences

As a landlord, it’s your responsibility to decide how to protect and decorate your properties. Part of that is taking care of any fencing for the homes, apartments, or even commercial buildings you are managing. Fencing not only contributes to the security of a building, but also the curbside aesthetics for residents and passers-by.

There are three ways to seal a property fence so it will last and look great at the same time. You can paint it, you can seal it, and you can powder coat it. If you’ve tried painting but have found that the paint chips or the fences rust continuously, powder coating may well be your best answer for both security and aesthetics.

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a unique way to apply pigment and sealant to metal that protects like no other kind of coating. Unlike sealant and paint, powder coating does not use toxic liquid solvents that dry over a few days. Instead, the pigment and sealcoat are applied as powder beads, hence the name. The beads are sprayed with a static-charged gun that causes each bead to settle evenly over your fence bars. The fence sections are then baked in an oven, which melts and then cures the pigment into a nearly indestructible coat of color or metal finish, whichever you prefer.

But powder coating does a lot more than just coat your fence bars. There are many ways that a new layer of powder coating can restore your fence bars and improve the property security offered by your property fences.


The Three Fencing Benefits of Powder Coating

There are three things powder coating does incredibly well, and they are perfect for a property fence. Those three things are restoring damaged metal, protecting from the elements, and preventing rust and other forms of oxidation. We’ll go into detail:

1) Powder Coating Restores Rusting and Damaged Fences

The first thing you can do with powder coating is to restore damaged fence bars. If sections of your fence have been scraped, dented, or have started to wear away from rust, it is possible to repair them with powder coating. Depending on the extent of the damage, experienced metal repair professionals may be able to buff out the scratches, sand away the layer of rust, and perhaps even repair a badly dented or broken bar.

Once that is done, a new layer of cured powder coating will form a smooth and pristine ‘like new’ coat.

2) Powder Coating Protects Against Damage from the Elements

You might think the biggest risk to your property fences would be local troublemakers. But in reality, it’s the weather. The sun will bleach paint, the salty ocean winds will wear away at any paint chip they can find until more and more raw unprotected metal is exposed.

Powder coating can protect your fences from both the UV rays of the sun and the rust-inducing salty sea breezes. Powder coating will not fade or chip away as paint does, and it provides an incredibly durable and long-lasting extra layer of protection for your metal fence bars.

3) Powder Coating Prevents Future Rust

Last but certainly not least, powder coating prevents future rusting incidents. Constantly dealing with rust growing on all steel and wrought iron fences and aluminum oxide forming on aluminum fences is not only unpleasant to touch or look at, it’s also weakening the integrity of your fences. And it’s happening because the old sealcoat is long gone, exposing the metal to the moisture in the constantly humid air.

Powder coating forms a complete and nearly indestructible seal, meaning that your fences are finally well-protected from the weakening, discomfort, and poor aesthetics of rust and aluminum oxide.


How to Use Powder Coating to Improve Your Property Fences

There are, in fact, several ways that powder coating can not only protect your fence bars, but also help your fence to improve the overall security of your property. Here are four different ways that you can use powder coating to improve property fence security.

1) Restore Damaged Fences to Functionality without Buying Replacements

If your fences have already started to rust, it’s not too late to save them! Fence bars are made of thick metal and one layer of rust is not enough to significantly weaken them. You don’t have to buy an all-new fence to repair a fence that has begun to rust in humid and rainy climate. There’s no need to pay the many thousands of dollars to buy a new fence when all your fence really needs is resurfacing.

Bring your fence sections in for powder coating. Your professional powder coaters will clean the bars and sand off both the old paint and the top layer of rust or oxide that has begun to form. Your fence bars shiny and new again, a layer of powder coating in any color of your choice will seal in the metal and keep it safe from new rust for many years.

2) Improve Your Property’s Appearance

Fence bars come in black, white, “silver”, and sometimes brown. Powder coating comes in every color and metal finish you could dream of. Just let that thought percolate for a moment. You could have a property fence in any color imaginable. Your property fence could be a rainbow, it could be a beautifully shifting array of metal hues, or it could feature a unique pattern that proclaims your property or brand to the world.

3) Improve Your Property’s Apparent Security

Not only can powder coating make your fence beautiful, it’s also worth mentioning that it will make your property appear more secure. When your fence looks like it was just recently painted every day for years, local sources of mischief will get the picture. Your property is too well-taken-care-of to mess with and is most likely even better defended on the inside.

4) Protect Passers-By From Rust Injuries

Finally, there is the simple comforting knowledge that no one will be accidentally mangled by your fence. If you’ve ever set your hand on a badly rusted fence bar in the past, you know exactly what we’re talking about. Rust may look fluffy, but it is incredibly rough and sharp to the touch and will put anyone injured in need of tetanus shots.

With the rust-free benefit of powder coating, you can know for sure that no one from your building or passers-by will ever be injured by the rust “growing” on your fences ever again. Because with powder coating, rust never gets a chance to start, much less grow to large and injurious sizes.

Every investment property owner must decide the best methods to protect and maintain their properties, and the fences are no exception. If you have metal fences that need repainting or constantly rust, powder coating is likely to be your most affordable and practical answer. With a rainbow of colors to choose from and long-lasting finishes, a powder-coated fence can improve both the security and appearance of your rental properties. Contact us for the powder coating answers and services you need.