How Powder Coating can Spruce up Your Home for Spring

Springtime is upon us, and that means it’s time to start going over your home for all those projects that need to be taken care of. Whether it’s fixing a retaining wall, redoing your garden, or giving your outdoor patio furniture a good overhaul, the goal of your spring cleaning and home facelift project is to make your house look as good as it did the day you first closed on the sale.

Those spring home remodeling projects are part of the American tradition, and you’ve probably got a whole shopping list of projects you want to undertake. It can be tempting to just grab a few cans of spray paint to overhaul the look of your home, but in truth, there’s a much better solution which is also economical: powder coating. Let’s look at how powder coating can be a great option to give your home a new look this spring.

Superior Strength and Protection

One of the reasons powder coating is a great way to give your home a gorgeous finish is that it’s highly durable. It can protect even industrial machinery. It’s resistant to impact, scratching, chipping, abrasion, corrosion, fading and scuffing, and even provides a degree of protection to the product beneath. It defends against UV light from the sun, against chemicals, moisture, and weather.

Because it is so strong, it also tends to be very long-lasting. It’s been used on everything from grills to outdoor furniture to the rims on car wheels. In short, it’s among the best ways to improve the look of a piece while at the same time protecting it for years to come. But for what parts of your home remodeling is it a good option?

Light Fixtures

Outdoor light fixtures are vital to your curb appeal and overall presentation. They can, however, become worn down over time and their finish gets dull as they are exposed to sun, ice, rain, wind and other environmental factors. Powder coating can be a great way to not only make your light fixtures look just like new, but can protect them for years to come.

In fact, this approach can even be a great way to protect your indoor light fixtures. It can give the interior of your home a fresh, new look, without the need to spend the money on expensive replacement fixtures.

Plumbing Fixtures

Considering replacing the sink in your house? Why not consider coating your existing fixtures instead? Whether it’s a sink faucet or the fixture in your tub or shower, powder coating can give you a whole new look that makes a very bold statement about your personal taste and style, and doesn’t cost as much as a new faucet installation.

Cabinets and Shelving

Looking to update your home workspace or even outdoor shelving units? If they’re starting to look dull and worn, you can give new life to these important storage areas with a clean finish that will last for many years to come, and will stand up to the harshest wear and use. It’ll make your workspace look clean and new, while also offering a high level of durability to those shelves and cabinets.

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture is one of the most popular uses for this kind of color coating. Do you look at your patio furniture and wonder if anyone’s going to want to sit on it? Is it looking scratched, grimy and dull from years of wear, stains and exposure to weather? You can have a company like AR Powder Coating give it a whole new lease on life by blasting away that beat-up old finish, and making it look and work like a brand new piece in just about any color or texture you like.

Give Your Home a Facelift That Lasts for Years

If you’re looking to give your home a facelift that lasts for years, is bright and vibrant, protects against the harshest weather and heaviest use, and is available in an almost unlimited range of colors and textures, turn to AR Powder Coating. Our team is completely dedicated to delivering the highest quality work in Las Vegas and Henderson, from a basic color update to complete restoration. If you’d like more information about how our powder coating can be a great option for your spring cleaning and home update project, get in touch with us today!