Top 3 Benefits of Powder Coating

If you’re considering incorporating metal into a project or you’re interested in buying decorative metal for any household upgrade, you should seriously consider the massive benefits powder coating can offer. You may be unfamiliar with the different coating options available to metal, and AR Iron works wants to clarify what powder coating is and why it’s arguably the best coating for metals. By enhancing your metal with a powder coating, you’re ensuring a beautiful product that will last for years. AR Iron encourages you to learn more about powder coating through this article.

What Exactly Is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is one of the most technologically advanced forms of coating your metal products. The coating is designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and protective. Powder coating can be applied to the great majority of metal types typically used by either consumers or industry titans. The powder comes in a large variety of colors to match whatever color scheme you’re aiming to create. Currently, powder coating has the highest popularity rate, and one out of ten industrial finishing jobs relies on the technique.

A combination of color pigments and resin, the powder consists of ground particles that are given an electrostatic charge. Using an electrostatic sprayer, the powder is evenly distributed onto the metal being coated. The metal is grounded, and the difference in charge between the metal and the powder causes the powder to be electromagnetically attracted to the metal. In essence, the powder is being held onto the metal by the power of electricity and magnetism. Once the spraying process is complete, the metal is placed under intense heat and the powder “melts” to fuse with the metal in a totally even, bump-less coating.

What Are the Specific Benefits?

1) Powder coating allows consumers and businesses to pick from a huge range of aesthetic options. The coating comes in finishes that include metallic, clear, satin, regular and high gloss, flat, clear, iridescent, candied, wrinkle, glitter, hammer tone and fluorescent. You can choose nearly any color on the visible spectrum, so color coordinating beautiful structures is simple. Along with the variety of colors and finish types, powder coating offers an array of texture options, such as matte, smooth, wrinkled and rough.

2) The durability of powder coating may be its biggest selling point. Powder coating will remain unchipped, unscratched, vibrant and fresh for many years. Powder coating is one of the most durable coating options of modern technology. The coating not only lasts for ages, it also protects the metal beneath it. Your metal is normally vulnerable to rust and corrosion from external forces. Powder coating places a firm barrier between the metal and the outside environment, keeping your metal safe from destructive factors.

3) Whereas most other coatings and finishes, such as those with a liquid base, release volatile organic compounds into the earth and air, powder coating gives off almost no VOCs. Powder coating is the most environmentally friendly choice.

AR Iron Hopes You’ll Consider Powder Coating for Your Next Metal Project

When creating metal masterpieces, the finishing touches can make all the difference. If you choose to finish your metals with powder coating, you can be sure that the ultimate product will look exquisite. Contact AR Iron today to procure your powder coating.