The Top 5 Benefits Of Powder Coating For Industrial Steel Fabrication

Steel fabrication plays a critical role in America’s economy. In order to maintain an edge in an increasingly competitive environment, manufacturers across the United States are turning to powder coating to drive efficiency and product precision. Below is a look at some of the businesses that benefit from industrial powder coating and the top five benefits of powder coating for industrial steel fabrication.

Which industries can benefit from industrial powder coating?

Powder coating’s versatility and pristine results have elevated its popularity across a wide variety of industries. From car manufacturers to construction firms, business owners across the globe are turning to powder coating to boost product longevity provide cutting edge protection. Here is a look at five industries that have discovered the benefits industrial powder coating:

1) Automotive

Powder coating offers a host of applications for automobile manufacturers. The process is used to protect steel bumpers, wheel rims, door handles, and even steel engine components. Powder coating is also used to protect external vehicle panels and body parts from rust and corrosion.

2) Medical Devices

“Medical coatings range from lubrications to anti-microbial liquids to water repellent polymers, and each variety of coating is used on a multitude of devices for many different applications.” – Thomas Industry Update

Manufacturers of surgical tables, anesthesia machines, medical carts, and electro-surgical units often depend on steel panels and components to ensure that their products are strong and long-lasting. Powder coating can also aid in the infection control process by providing a smooth anti-microbial surface that can help prevent the spread of infection.

3) Appliances

Stoves, washers, dryers, and refrigerators are some of the most common appliances that are regularly protected through industrial powder coating. Their frequent exposure to water, steam, and heat leaves their surfaces vulnerable to rust and corrosion, which can be prevented when powder coating is applied to their sides and front panels.

4) Pharmaceuticals

Many pharmaceutical companies have taken note of the advantages of powder coating and are now using electrostatic powder coating for pharmaceuticals. The process involves the use of an electrostatic gun to spray coating powders containing pigments and polymers onto the surface of solid dosage forms. The applied coatings are then cured to create a coating film.

5) Construction and Architecture

A growing number of architecture and construction firms are turning to powder coating to provide a durable finish for outdoor stadium seats, railings, fences, windows, and doors. Notably, powder coating is often chosen to protect heavy duty construction equipment such as bulldozers, excavators, backhoes, and loaders.

What are the top benefits of powder coating for industrial steel fabrication?

Powder coating has emerged as the finish of choice among manufacturers for many reasons. In addition to offering superb value and durability, industrial powder coating delivers a finish that will stand the test of time. The top benefits of powder coating for these applications include the following:

1) Unparalleled efficiency

In order to succeed as a manufacturer, you must be able to deliver pristine results upon demand. Failure to meet your client’s deadlines or expectations can jeopardize your industry reputation and hamper your repeat business.

When undertaken by an experienced provider with top-notch tools and skilled technicians, the powder coating process can be completed swiftly and flawlessly. Depending on the scope of the project, manufacturers can expect the process to be completed in a matter of a few days. In some cases, projects can be completed within 24 hours.

2) Corrosion prevention

Industrial steel products are often exposed to rain, salt, and ultraviolet light. While steel is known for its durability, repeated exposure to harsh elements can take a toll on exposed metal – especially if it does not feature a resilient finish. Rust and corrosion often develop, weakening welds and causing key components to separate or break off.

Powder coating’s durability makes it an excellent choice to protect industrial steel that will be exposed to humidity, extreme temperatures, UV light, and rain.

3) No harmful VOCs

Volatile Organic Compounds, commonly referred to as VOCs, can be found in many liquid paint products and solvents. With a growing number of manufacturers seeking eco-friendly alternatives, powder coating continues to gain traction among companies that value safety and sustainability. Manufacturers who choose powder coating can rest assured that there will not be any dangerous elements released into the air as time passes.


4) Less waste

Traditional paint and other product coatings are prone to dripping and running, which produces substantial waste. Dripping and running is rarely an issue during the powder coating process, thereby conserving product and minimizing waste. Additionally, powder coating companies have found many ways to recycle any powder coat waste that is produced:

“Manufacturers have found ways to reuse or recycle the powder coat waste they generate internally. One common method is to blend the used powders of mixed colors with a black pigment to create a neutral color that can be used for non-cosmetic components.” – William Stough, Sustainable Manufacturing


5) Affordability

Upfront cost of powder coating are surprisingly affordable. And by helping to preserve a product’s exterior, powder coating helps eliminate the need for touch ups and maintenance. The process does not need to be repeated, thereby further reducing costs and the need for costly upkeep.

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