Powder Coating Metal Parts: The Basics

If you produce or use metal parts in your business, you want to make sure that they last as long as possible. While there are several solutions you could choose to protect your metal parts, the most effective is powder coating.

With powder coating, you’ll be adding a protective layer to your metal parts that can keep them safe from multiple forms of damage, including corrosion. If you’re interested in choosing powder coating for your metal parts, you need to learn more about the powder coating process and its benefits. Here are some basics about powder coating metal parts that should help you better understand this process and why you should choose it for your parts.

Pretreating Your Metal Parts

When you want to powder coat an item, including metal parts, the first step is pretreatment. You need to make sure that the surface of your part is prepared to accept the powder coating. Otherwise, you won’t be able to create the smooth protective layer that you need.

Primarily, you need to focus on removing blemishes from your metal parts. If there is existing paint or corrosion, you’ll need to sandblast your metal parts to get them ready for powder coating. You also may need to wash your parts if their surface contains any oils or solvents.

Applying Your Powder Coating

The second step of powder coating metal parts is applying the powder itself. To make sure that the powder sticks to your metal parts, they will be applied electrostatically. Using static electricity helps to create uniform powder layers so that your metal parts will be fully covered and protected.

Depending on the service that you choose for your powder coating, the powder will be added to your metal parts using either a spray gun or a spray booth.

Creating the Protective Layer

The final step of powder coating metal parts is the most important. Once the powder coating has been electrostatically applied, your metal parts will need to be baked at extreme temperatures in order to cure the powder coating and to create the protective layer.

When placed in the curing oven, your metal parts will be heated up to 450 degrees. After a few minutes of baking, an attractive and durable layer will be created that will help defend your metal parts from damage so that they last well into the future. Because metal is so strong, it can easily endure the curing process, which isn’t true of other products.

Get Help Powder Coating Metal Parts

If you want to protect your metal parts as fully as possible, or even give them a custom look, there’s no better choice than powder coating. When you’re ready for powder coating metal parts, you should schedule service from AR Powder Coating.

Working with AR Powder Coating is the easiest way to powder coat your important metal parts. Our services are quick, easy and, most importantly, effective, and our team would be glad to fully explain the powder coating process and why it’s such a great choice for your business’s metal parts. Contact us today to schedule powder coating and to find out about our other available services.